The Greater Sudbury Airport has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade.


An important agent of economic growth and sustainability for the region, the airport underwent dramatic renovations and expansions to support a new era of aviation service. There’s been a resurgence of business at the airport including more flights, more airlines and more development opportunities. Our team works closely to support the airport’s communications and marketing efforts in realizing these results. The airport has been progressive in implementing a strategic plan aimed at attracting more passengers and building stronger business development activity. Today, airport land continues to be in demand and more passengers consider flying from Sudbury as opposed to starting from other worldwide access points.


The airport has invested millions of dollars in fostering a successful business park. In the last few years alone they have expanded infrastructure to support the popularity of businesses establishing on airport land. OvertheAtlantic has supported the business development activities by managing the development of communications material used to recruit new long-term tenants.


OvertheAtlantic is retained by the airport for a wide spectrum of assignments on a regular basis. Our work with the airport is an example of our long-term commitment to clients and the special relationship they have with our creative team – that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Child & Community Resources (CCR) is a 150+ strong work force that is dedicated to the clients they serve, children.


CCR values all children and ensures every child belongs. They servce in communities across Northern Ontario and renowned for their expert facilitation and access to a full continuum of services to all children with developmental needs, with specialized services for children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


When we were first introduced to CCR we were challenged to develop a revitalized brand including a new operating name for the 20-year-old operation. CCR has a fascinating history and is a well-respected operation among peer operations in the industry. We delicately undertook a comprehensive branding assignment that promoted consistency and greater brand recognition opportunities. Part of the assignment was to strategically undertake an inclusive development process that made sure staff were a part of the new branding result and subsequent execution. Our work involved a dramatic revitalization of their marketing and communications activities including a new and highly accessible website.


CCR also operates a city-wide initiative known as Best Start Hubs, free access centres for parents and guardians to bring their children and have the support of valuable early childhood educators, and to friend other parents. Best Start Hubs are a too-good-to-be true operation. Our team worked separately with the Best Start Hub group to produce communication materials and build awareness for this 100% free service located throughout the city.


Our work with CCR is well received and is a testament that our team has a relentless pursuit to produce the best creative product. Commitment to our client’s success and seamless integration into their operations has made OvertheAtlantic an invaluable commodity to the CCR brand. We believe this gives us, and our clients, a competitive advantage.


A “worth noting” postscript. Every year CCR hands out the Lois Mahon Real People Doing Exceptional Things award.  To our team’s astonishment, OvertheAtlantic was a recipient of the award at the agency’s 20th Anniversary celebration.  We chalk that up as an immensely flattering gesture that our involvement with them was not seen just as ‘work’, but rather passion in what we do.


Public health announcements most often have the role of telling people not to do something. Don’t eat junk food; don’t cough on someone; stop smoking, etc. Someone has to say it.


Yet, no one likes being told what to do, and that’s a solid fact. The Sudbury & District Health Unit has continually trusted OvertheAtlantic with developing a creative approach to deliver their message across a large and diverse audience. Our creative team understands that no matter what the subject, the end deliverable must be aligned with the health unit’s mission and vision – to promote a healthy lifestyle in a healthier community.


The projects we undertake with the Health Unit are a great showcase of our team’s versatility. We bring strong artistic direction that blends traditional and experimental creative execution.


The Health Unit has a multitude of departments, each one in charge of its own marketing and promotional activities. Our portfolio with the Health Unit is evidence that our creative team works efficiently and seamlessly alongside in-house marketing and communications teams. We learn by listening, and together we develop a creative solution. That’s the wizard behind the curtain.



If a company invests $760 million dollars into a new mining project in the middle of a forest, does it make a sound?


Totten Mine is an unbelievable investment for the local community, the Canadian mining industry and the entire country’s economy. From day one Totten Mine provided jobs for over 500 people, and 5 years of construction later it’s open for business. The by-product of its opening is the emergence of 250 new long-term careers comprised of a highly skilled workforce.


Our team was tasked with capturing this milestone celebration. To undertake this assignment we needed to connect with their team on a different level – filming 4,000 ft underground, alongside their passionate team that was credited with building Vale’s first new mine in 40 years. Through our lens we captured their passion and shared their story of the human element behind this monumental project.


This assignment illustrates how our team truly understands the notion of “what is important to someone may not necessarily be important to others” and that’s the challenge we can help with.



A brand that tells a compelling story of the ‘new’ library.


The Greater Sudbury Public Library attracts over 500,000 visitors annually, and people are checking out more than books! In fact, today’s library supports an incubation environment for education, creativity and life long learning. It serves many purposes, from providing a space for community groups to collaborate, to offering a safe environment for students to study, with all the tools they need to excel and achieve a career.  It’s a free access point for technology and strong community programming for families to grow and get the most out of life.


Our relationship with the library started with a brand re-design project. We had to design artwork that captured the ‘new’ library - a place to grab a coffee and meet with friends, a place for newcomers to discover Canada, and a welcoming space offering enhanced borrowing materials like e-books, engaging workshops or professional research materials.  Together, with the library team and in consultation with patrons we launched a new brand and supporting slogan, “Words. Ideas. Inspiration. Get inspired.”


After completing a comprehensive branding project, we proceeded to design all the supporting communications material. That included a re-design of their website, introducing an enhanced newsletter format, and innovating the library experience with new way finding signage, interior creative design, and even new library card designs that appealed to a diverse membership.


 We enjoy our work with the library because they are passionate about creating a hub of opportunity. They level the playing field for the disadvantaged and provide an equal opportunity for anyone to succeed in life. Once you re-discover the library, you realize that it’s a community’s library system that enhances the quality of life.  The library builds strong neighbourhoods and sets the tone for civic engagement and is a beacon for inspiration and community growth.



For some of our clients we stand in and offer year-round, dedicated communications support by working closely with their team.


For years our team has served as the communications agency for the Canadian Mental Health Association - Sudbury/Manitoulin branch.  One of our crown achievements has been the development of a comprehensive communications and marketing strategy for the organization.  From handling all of their major external communications pieces to managing their social media presence, our relationship with the CMHA is a perfect example of the confidence we instill in our clients.


Each year we design an annual report for the organization and begin the process by selecting an overarching theme that relates back to CMHA’s mission and vision. In the past we have explored themes of healing, renewal, and celebration.


The client commissioned us to create a 10-minute documentary highlighting stories of recovery. The documentary would be shown at presentations, speaking engagements, and stakeholder meetings throughout Canada, with the objective of promoting the branch, its services and what they do in the community to help promote good mental health for all.


In all of our creative pursuits with the CMHA, there’s a sense of gratification – knowing that your work directly helps to broaden the awareness of mental health and mental illness.

We believe that Northerners have a lot to offer. We offer our clients creative support to inspire their entire operations. We build excitement and momentum by designing creative strategies that prime an organization for innovative growth.



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We believe that Northerners have a lot to offer.
We offer our clients creative support to inspire their entire operations.
We build excitement and momentum by designing creative strategies that prime an organization for innovative growth.